Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A New Work

This last April my daughter dropped off a bag of polymer clay so I could make a set of 'Angry Birds' for my grandsons 10th birthday. This was the first time I'd worked with clay in years! I used to make what I called 'Snowy Tellers'. They were along the lines of the Southwest Story Tellers that were so popular, but instead of using Indian figures, I used Snowmen. (Does that indicate a strange sense of humor?) Ah well, back to the point... I loved the feel of the clay in my hands again and LOVED working with the pre-colored clay! No painting required! (I had only used Super Sculpey III previously, which had to be hand painted.) After turning out a respectable set of Angry Birds (particularly to a 10 year old boy) I decided to try other things. Within a month I was working with my husband (a fabulous woodturner) inlaying clay into wooden vases/pots. We're still working on getting the process perfected, but it's been so much fun working together, working on the clay designs and coming up with some really great looking pieces!

The beginnings: Angry Birds

Second attempt: A little hobbit fisherman for The Shire (2nd photo of him kicking back by the 'stream'.)

And now, a few bowls my husband and I have done:

I've been having a great time learning about the clay and what you can do with it. I'm SO grateful for all the wonderful 'clayers' that take the time to share their experiences and make tutorials for the rest of us! Time to head off in search of more things to cover in clay!