Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The other day, Mosey posted a photo of a beautiful pot pie. It was cookbook worthy!

Yesterday I made an apple pie and decided to do the whole top crust with 'acorns'. It looked quite nice... but I had an abundance of crust left over. Jacob sat and watched while I rolled out the dough and formed 'worms' to wiggle around on the top. The look on his face was priceless, especially when I coiled a little worm with raised head, tongue sticking out, gave him eyes and place him in the center of the pie.

I had a good laugh when I compared my pie with my daughters and decided I would share my less than lovely 'wormy apple pie'.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

For my birthday this year, my husband decided that he would help me refurbish the Shire. YAY!

I'm not sure why I decided to create the Shire in the first place. I've always liked tales about sneaky little people living in foresty places. My yard is so big that it's easier if I break it down into little sections and create vignettes. This particular vignette is nestled in under the cherry thicket, along a path that leads to the front yard.

The driveway area is so dismal, but once you go through the arbor and walk through the cherry trees, it's like you've come out into a different world of refreshing green and flowers. The air is scented with hyacinths, cherry blossoms, lilac and viola's.

It reminds me of how I can go through the day in the 'cares of this world' where it's stale, hot and dismal... but as soon as I turn the path and place my focus on the Lord.. I'm refreshed and life is sweeter. He creates vignettes in our lives. We are intricately made and our lives are many pictures and aspects, woven together to make the whole. Sometimes we get so focused in on one little spot in our lives that we miss the whole picture. Other times, we're in such a hurry that we neglect the small pictures and miss such blessings. We need to set the paces of our lives so that we are not rushing through but not sitting still, stuck in one area.

The Shire is a little spot in my garden where you have to stop and really look closely to see everything that's there. I love it when kids come over... they love the Shire! After my grandsons have been over, I go out to find that the 'hobbits' have been stuck inside the houses. Maybe it's because the Shire is closer to their level, but they're the ones that truly enjoy this part of my garden. I'm so glad they do! They make it well worth the work of tending it and adding little secrets to it, that only the close observer will see.

I used to think that a day would come that my garden would be 'finished', but I've finally figured out that just like myself, it won't be done until the Lord returns. Guess I better go get back to work on it!