Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I have a confession to make. It's something that most people that actually know me already know, but it's not something I was proud of or wanted to share with the world. I smoked. For 35 years. I started when I was 16. Sixteen was a hard (that's putting it very mildly!) time in my life and I picked up a cigarette. I found it calming and comforting and nice. I know most teens start because they think it's cool (it's not), but for me, it didn't have anything to do with being cool. It gave me something to do with my hands. It gave me something to 'do' and it seemed like the nicotine helped me concentrate. (Turns out I was right. Studies now show that it does in fact help with all sorts of things, including concentration. More about that later.)

I had a love/hate relationship with smoking. I tried to quit a whole bunch of times! And always failed. Always picked them back up. But then, last year, a good friend was given an e-cig kit for Christmas and she told me all about it after only having two cigarettes over a few days span. It intrigued me and I wanted to try it. After doing some heavy duty research and learning as much as I could about them, I decided to buy a kit and see if I could use them to cut down on smoking. I had no intention of quitting. I'd given up on quitting! But, quit is exactly what I did. I got my kit in the mail at 11:15, January 2nd, 2012 and have not touched a cigarette since. That's almost 9 months and I have no desire for a cigarette. YAY!! Needless to say... I LOVE these things. I feel so much better. My house doesn't stink. I don't stink! My cough is gone and I'm just totally thrilled! And, every smoker I know is now an ex-smoker. They now 'vape'. Ecig's are without a doubt the invention of the decades and will save millions of lives if given the chance. Seriously. Yes, it is exchanging one habit for another, but well... I switched from a habit that could (and probably would) kill me, to one that won't. Seems like a win in my book.

I hope those that are totally anti-smoking (for good reason!) will come to understand that ecigs are not anything like cigarettes. There is no smoke, which is the killer in cigarettes along with all those not so lovely carcinogens. There is nothing harmful in '2nd hand vapor'. The few trace elements found in the exhaled vapor are far, far below the FDA and OSHA requirements for safety levels. Someone breathing in the exhaled vapor will get more nicotine from eating their veggies than they will from the vapor. And besides, as I mentioned earlier, nicotine is helpful to many people for various reasons. They're using nicotine on those that have Alzheimer and dementia and ADHD. They've found it useful for depression, etc. Annnnd.. it is no more harmful than caffeine and it works much along the same line. Most people don't get upset when someone needs that cup of coffee or tea in the morning to help them wake up. Maybe as people are educated, they won't get upset about vaping either. You drink your caffeine and I'll use my ecig. Deal?

Anyway... all of that has led to a new product that we're making and I think they're so pretty! They're called 'drip tips' and they go on the end of an ecig. (That's another thing I like about ecigs... you can choose styles and make them pretty. Cigarettes are so boring! lol)

So... here are a few pictures of our drip tips. I think they're little works of art! You can see more here... http://www.molehillmountainartdriptips.com/products-page/


  1. Yay, Tammie! This post made me smile this morning...I'm happy for you & I think the drip tips are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Tami! Your response made ME smile. Thank you for commenting! These things are amazing. If you know anyone that smokes, tell them to check these out... they just might end up switching and you'll have helped save a life. :) Besides, they taste so good. I'm enjoying strawberry shortcake this morning. lol