Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I love how polymer clay can be used in so many applications! It's most often used to make jewelry, so I had to give that a try. That meant I had to learn a new language. What the heck is a head pin?! lol Slowly, I'm learning the terms and trying new things. Here are a few of my attempts at jewelry!

This is my "Words Matter" necklace. It's a prototype for a line that I want to make for those that have endured really hard things... traumatic things. So many hurts in this world, from the loss of a child, an adoption falling through, terrible illnesses, physical pain, rape, loss of a spouse, sibling or friend.. painful divorce and so much more. We all need words of encouragement. Words of hope. Words that remind us that life isn't all pain, but holds so much joy, too. So, for this one, I chose bright, cheerful colors and engraved words on the tiles that would have meaning to someone that has endured sexual abuse. The words chosen are also words that are significant to the meanings of each color.

 On a lighter note, this necklace celebrates my son and his family. I made it for my precious daughter in law. The heart has their initials on it, while the other tiles have the names of their children. :)

 Playing around with gold leaf and ink.

 My husband turned the wooden part and I did the clay work on this bangle.

A spot of tea, anyone?

I love violas and pearls.

This is an image transfer onto polymer clay. The image is a drawing I did of a girl at a soda fountain.
Thanks for looking!
If you're wondering what to do next, how about visiting a really fun site?! Check out http://www.thingscrafty.com!


  1. Wow, your work is gorgeous! I love the combination of wood and polymer clay.

    1. Thanks so much Ilysa!! I really appreciate your kind words! :)